Update! Finally.

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Aug 162014

It has been a long time since we updated this page. Lift Complete Lite has gone through two revisions and has stabilized pretty well. We also shipped a Lift Complete Premium system to the Pacific Weightlifting Association with the generous donation of 5 computers by Kevin Doherty of Hassle Free Weightlifting fame.

The PWA hardware is being used almost weekly in meets across the Northern California region because the PWA has grown to over 50 registered clubs and 1500 athletes. These clubs never seem to run out of lifters for competitions… a testament to the growth of the sport in the USA.  Most of these one day meets are over 50 lifters with 5-6 every year with greater than 100.

Lift Complete Lite has now been shipped to 12 countries including 5 National Federations… overall, more than 65 folks are on the updates list. This is tremendous. While we don’t have feedback from all, we do have great feedback from several avid users.

We are happy with the success of Lift Complete and the progress that California Weightlifting has made over the last year. I promise more frequent updates!

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Lift Complete Lite Users Love it!

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May 172013

Quote from a user:

“We held a competition 3 weeks ago and people could not say enough great things about Lift Lite 4.33

We had a splitter connected to our PC and ran both a 12′ square viewing screen in the competition venue and an 8′ square screen in the warm-up.

It made counting attempts SO EASY for all the coaches and competitors.”
That’s what we like to hear!  The software donated to California Weightlifting is a great tool for running meets.  Easy to use and it helps make competitions proceed cleanly and on time.     Lift Complete Lite is your path to professional Olympic Weightlifting competitions.
Lift Complete Lite is free software to get you started.  Lift Complete Professional lets you add modules to step up the event…. Professional timing, referee voting, and a great looking attempt board.
Hold national style meets in your local competitions to engage more competitors and generate new Olympic weightlifting fans!
Drop a line to try Lift Complete Lite today.  info@californiaweightlifting.org
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National Junior Champs start today!

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Feb 162013

175 lifters, 2 days.

Watch it live here at CWF. Click the “Jr Nationals LIVE” tab above.

We’ll have one camera covering two platforms, plus live scoresheets and chat.

Stay engaged!

8am Pacific time until whenever we’re done.

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Live Webcast: National Junior Championships

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Feb 042013

The California Weightlifting Fund will be providing a webcast of the National Junior Championships on February 16 and 17, 2013.

Starting February 16th with the first introductions of lifters, we plan to broadcast lifts from both platforms.

Since it is now a two-platform event, we will dynamically switch between cameras… since there is a possibility of two lifts happening simultaneously, we apologize in advance for any lifts we can’t cover live. Hopefully, there will be only a few over the two days that are missed.

We look forward to “seeing” you on our live chat.

Tune in and tell your friends.

Thank you!

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Jan 062013

We’re pleased to announce the launch of Lift Complete, a modular and comprehensive meet management system. You can check it out with a FREE copy of Lift Complete Lite.

Proceeds will support young athletes through the CWF grant program.

Watch the videos, check out the features, and try the free software!

Say hi and keep up with CWF news – follow us here on FaceBook

(Thanks for visiting. We’re working on our website; more to come.)

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